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Mostrando entradas de enero, 2010

Misery equally strikes Haitian immigrants and Dominican poor class population

Seinforma Polls at University in Santo Domingo on sovereignty, discrimination, education, health and employment: 

Since 1919 at sugar mills and bateyes. Today, everywhere: in construction, agriculture, domestic service, fruit carts, calling card sellers, ice cream carts and beggars… "Docile workers whom at any given time are willing to sacrifice the hour price, knowing their disadvantages for living in a territory that is not their own". 

60% of students understand that the future of Haitian children and adolescents living in the Dominican Republic, will be a bad one: that they will become criminals or in the best case scenario will remain informal workers. They argue that "the majority does not have documentation, therefore they probably won’t receive education; at best case scenario, these children and teenagers will become informal workers and in the worst case scenario, they’ll become criminals, prostitutes and beggars."